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The Speak Life Foundation was founded in 2008.

Mission – The mission of the Speak Life Foundation is to provide our participants with the life skills and tools necessary to obtain their aspirations and to become productive whole human beings.

Areas of Focus – Character Building, Self-Development, College Preparatory, Wellness, Life Skills, and Goal Setting

Desired Outcomes

  • Reinforce the importance of performing well both academically and behaviorally in school as a means of accomplishing students’ goals.
  • Empower students to value themselves, education, and others in preparation to make educated and informed decisions about their lives.
  • Promote a sense of self-value, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  • Challenge students to think critically about their futures and begin taking the necessary steps to accomplish their aspirations.
  • Specify and support the students’ understandings of the attributes of responsible, productive human beings.