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The Speak Life Program

The Classroom-to-Life Experience

Presented by the
Speak Life Foundation

Foreword From Our Founder

In 2008, I launched Speak Life from a personal passion for seeing students round out their academic knowledge through real life sessions and scenarios that put them in charge of their futures.

From the time that we partnered with our first school back in 2008, I could sense that we were offering something of value to not only the students, but fellow educators, parents, and the greater community. Since then, we’ve reached over 18,000 youth across Metro Atlanta.

I personally remember what it felt like to be in front of a classroom full of students asking myself at times if I was truly making an impact. With every student going through the Speak Life program, we realize that impact. These students not only get to discover what they want their future to look like, but they’re also able to identify the tools they need to explore their ideas and experience their dreams.

I feel blessed that I can lead a program that invests in the future of building bright young leaders in my hometown of Atlanta and launching a program that doesn’t aim to replace school or an education but rather complement it. By focusing on responsibility, accountability, and maturity, our programs not only teach your children how to thrive, but they inspire children to want to thrive.

At Speak Life, I’ve witnessed our programs help students make informed decisions about their lives and gain the confidence they need before moving into their post-secondary education. Your students are making decisions for their future, and you are taking the first step in investing in their life skills beyond the books. I thank you for making the decision to invest in your students’ futures and welcome your ideas and feedback as your students participate in our program.

Mia C. Thornton
Founder and Chairman
Speak Life Foundation, Inc.


Programs at a Glance

Our Speak Life programs are designed to encourage and give all participants a chance to speak. We aren’t lecturing the students, but rather offering an open, discussion-based forum. The programs are intense, socioeconomic and culturally relevant, comprehensive, appropriately timed, and age-appropriate, as well as activity-based with real-life scenarios to help them truly experience future situations with which they may face. The Speak Life team offers support for administrators and staff, and in times of conflict, our staff is also available to provide support and validation to each student. Our staff is well trained, professional, and includes college-aged students to connect with Speak Life participants.
The details below provide a glance at programs offered by Speak Life.

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Speak Life Foundation Program Outline

Module I Envision Your Future

  • Speak Life Introduction
  • Vision to Reality

Module II Etiquette

  • Speech Etiquette: Session 1
  • Speech Etiquette: Session 2
  • Business Etiquette: Session 1
  • Business Etiquette: Session 2
  • Dining Etiquette: Session 1
  • Dining Etiquette: Session 2
  • Social Media Etiquette

Module III The Psychology of Love

  • The Definition of Cool
  • The Psychology of Love: Self-Love, Self-Image, and Loving Yourself
  • Regardless Ladies and Gentlemen: Behold…A Lady!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen: The Chronicles of a Gentleman

Module IV Decision Making

  • Leadership 101
  • Do the Right Thing!
  • Options, Accountability, and Decision Making

Module V Character Education

  • Respect
  • Trustworthiness
  • Kindness
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • The Entitlement Myth

Module VI College Preparatory

  • Exploring Post-Secondary Options
  • Determining the Best Fit
  • A Numbers Game
  • The Sum of Your Parts
  • Taking Initiative and Self-Advocacy
  • Financial Aid 101
  • Budgeting for College

Module VII Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy
  • Study Skills: Session 1
  • Study Skills: Session 2
  • Time Management

Module VIII Workforce Development

  • Career Exploration
  • The Components of an Awesome Resume
  • Cover Letters and Emails That Work
  • Networking 101
  • Navigating the Job Application Process
  • The Standards of Professionalism: Session 1
  • The Standards of Professionalism: Session 2

Module IX Health and Wellness

  • Mental Wellness 1: Mental Health and Wellness
  • Mental Wellness 2: Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions
  • Physical Wellness 1: Nutrition 101
  • Physical Wellness 2: Healthy Eating
  • Physical Wellness 3: Healthy Living and Fitness
  • Prevention: Teen Pregnancy & STIs
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

ModuleX Overcoming Adversity and Choosing to Thrive

  • Stressed Out! Recognizing the Potential Causes and Impact of Stress: Session 1
  • Stressed Out! Recognizing the Potential Causes and Impact of Stress: Session 2
  • Rise Up! Overcoming Adversity: Session 1
  • Rise Up! Overcoming Adversity: Session 2
  • Bounce Back! Music Motivation
  • Survivor! The Resilience Plan: Session 1
  • Survivor! The Resilience Plan: Session 2
  • Stronger! Managing Your Emotions and Tools for Healing