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Teacher Training

The Speak Life Teacher Training (SLTT) Program directly addresses the heart of student achievement by training and motivating those who have the most impact. Inspiration, motivation, and a passion to teach are essential components to the profession and will be highlighted throughout the course of the program. Participants will focus on building positive relationships with students, parents, other staff members, and administrators while learning techniques that encourage enthusiasm, dedication, and the fortitude to work hard towards the common goal of success for their students.

Objectives for the Teacher Training Program Include:

  • Best practices for narrowing the achievement gap
  • Overcoming the barriers that inhibit our success (fatigue, apathy, hopelessness)
  • Educating and retaining our students
  • Understanding your individual purpose for becoming an educator
  • Going beyond the standard and the “standards” to motivate our students to become successful
  • Staff members will have the opportunity to share their ideas and participate in exercises that promote team building, accountability, and professionalism.