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The Speak Life Institute

The Speak Life Institute is an after school enrichment program that provides students with tutorial services, mentoring and counseling services, career/college exposure programming, and opportunities to engage in practical and hands on activities related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The Speak Life Foundation believes that the combination of a project-based learning curriculum and a developmental asset model is an integral component to increasing the number of students prepared for a postsecondary STEAM education and academic success.

The program addresses STEAM education, career exploration, workforce readiness training, as well as provides support services that address the internal and external influences that impact students’ lives. Speak Life uses a holistic approach to programming that not only focuses on the academic rigors of promoting proficiency in mathematics and science, but also increasing the developmental assets of students. This entails equipping and empowering students with the knowledge and tools to feel confident and comfortable in STEAM-related coursework and exposing them to people who believe in their success and who share common cultural attributes. The Speak Life Foundation reinforces the development of a positive academic and social identity that is essential to students sustaining an interest in academic achievement and STEAM coursework. For more detailed information on the Speak Life Institute, please feel free to contact us.