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College Tours

The Speak Life Foundation offers college tour services to non-profit organizations, secondary schools, and tour groups. We work closely with our clients to fulfill the specific needs and desires of their students. We competitively price our tours with affordable prices that cater to our clients’ budget constraints and to maximize the overall experience for our customers. The Speak Life Foundation uses a variety of modes of transportation and hires from the approved list of vendors within the school system. A Speak Life representative will plan the entire trip from start to finish. That’s right, we do it all, booking the hotels, meals, scheduling events, and appointments with the schools. We also send representatives on each trip to ensure that the tour is executed correctly and is on schedule.

Our staff members are always professional and friendly and work to make sure that the needs, expectations, and wishes of our customers are met. Our goal is to make your experience with planning a trip pleasant and easy. The Speak Life Foundation offers exciting, educational, and memorable tours that will not only expose our students to the colleges of their interest but also to cultural and enriching experiences. In the past, we have toured several of the top museums in the country, the US Capitol, and other historic sites. Students have been afforded the opportunity to sit in on a House of Representatives session, meet with their Congressman, and practice their business and dining etiquette skills (skills acquired during the Speak Life Foundation’s programs) at some of the best restaurants in the US. We provide college tours in all states and different countries as well.

We hope that you will allow us to plan your next college tour!

Tour Options:

  • Student-led campus tours
  • National Historic visits
  • Classroom visits
  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • Admissions Sessions
  • Social Activities
  • Interaction with current students
  • Discussions with professors
  • Tours of the cities
  • Fine dining experiences

Expected Outcomes:

Participants of the Speak Life College/Exposure tours will:

  • Recognize the importance of performing well both academically and behaviorally in school as a means of accomplishing students’ goals.
  • Create an action plan that will serve as a guide through their high school matriculation.
  • Outline their options when applying to 2- or 4- year institutions and understand the expectations of the college community as they transition from high school.
  • Summarize the key resources available that will assist in applying to college, obtaining financial aid, and having successful college tenure.